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North Bay Restaurant Services



437 West 9th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Hours of operation
Infomation 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

North Bay Restaurant Services is addressing your needs as Restaurant Owners, Chefs and Food Services Manager.

We offer Hood / Exhaust Cleaning, Grease Trap / Interceptor, Septic Pumping and Waste Oil Recycling.

Go Green with us: Our Fryer Oil Recycling Trucks , Hood Cleaning Trucks and our Grease Trap Trucks are run on Bio-Diesel which is made from local recycled fryer oil.

We are the only Sonoma County Fryer Oil Recycling Company permitted by the State of California Food and Agriculture Department to Collect Recycled Fryer Oil.

We are doing our part in keeping Sonoma County Green.


Grease Trap Pumping
Grease Trap Pumping

Stay in compliance with the Sonoma County Environmental Inspectors.

Restaurant Hood
Restaurant Hood

Restaurant Hood Cleaned by North Bay Restaurant Services

Exhaust Hood Cleaning
Exhaust Hood Cleaning

This is a exhaust hood fan after we cleaned it.

Hood Exhaust Cleaning
Hood Exhaust Cleaning

This is a picture of a Hood Exhaust Fan before we cleaned it.

Waste Oil Recycling
Waste Oil Recycling

North Bay Restaurant Services will provide a waste oil container for your recycling needs.

Go Green With Us
Go Green With Us

This is our Waste Oil Recycling Pump Truck. This Truck runs on our Own Bio-Diesl which is made from recycled vegetable oil from local restaurants.

North Bay Restaurant Services
North Bay Restaurant Services

Advertise free with us.

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