Proof Extracts

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The Beginning We set out in 2016 as a small group of scientists and entrepreneurs with a simple goal: to make make cannabis products that we’d be proud to put out into the world.

We knew cannabis-derived CBD products were bringing relief to many, but we also saw that they were some of the most expensive items on the shelf. That didn’t seem right to us.

We started to work with local farmers to make affordable CBD products for friends, family, and members of our collective. Before long, we realized that our efforts were starting to make an impact. We heard from those who came to rely on our products, and find real benefit from using them. And they could afford to use them!

Our vision became clear: we’d make affordable, high quality CBD products for those who rely on them.

The Mission Proof aims to create a business that lifts up those around it and make products that we are proud of. We treat people fairly, whether they’re our employees, local farmers, or customers who have come to rely on our products and need access to them affordably.

The Result We focus on our mission by keeping our costs low; with a very small and dedicated staff, straightforward packaging, and no fancy advertising ploys, we pass every penny we can to the consumer so they can get the relief they need without breaking the bank. Where we don’t skimp is in the quality - we only use the best, healthiest ingredients in our products, to ensure that every Proof product aids only in benefiting each person’s individual body and needs.

We have folks from all walks of life tell us how Proof products have changed the way they live their lives; so we’ve dedicated ourselves to keep ahead of regulations and changing political climate around cannabis to be sure our products are available to those who need it no matter what while the regulated cannabis industry finds its stride.

Who We Are Our mission shapes everything about what we do: from how we source materials, to how we make our products, and even how we build our team. We are fortunate to have a very small team of extremely talented and dedicated individuals, and we strive to include those who are often underrepresented in the industry; people of color, womyn, trans and queer folk. We realize that we can only hope to serve a diverse client-base if we understand and represent a diverse client-base.




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