Get Unstuck and Move Forward - Session 3

Aug. 21, 2019


Believe me, I get it! I’ve spent my adult life learning how to overcome a number of self-sabotaging behaviors and destructive beliefs that have changed my life. As a result, I’ve distilled more than 30 years of transformational experience into a systematic process so that I can help others have life-changing breakthroughs too. Through my own experience and by working with others I’ve developed an unwavering faith in the adaptive potential of humanity to embrace and release old patterns and step whole-heartedly into an expanded version of themselves. The BeWell Method shines a light on those unconscious, self-sabotaging behaviors with kindness and compassion, releasing limiting beliefs and creating a roadmap for moving forward in a new way. I invite you to join us on a 4-week group coaching series that is guaranteed to change your life.



Aug. 21, 2019