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Artisanal, Earth-Friendly, Sonoma County Bounty Online

By: Janeen Murray

Dec. 6, 2010

Artisanal, Earth-Friendly, Sonoma County Bounty Online

Christy and Justin were inspired to create Dandelion gifts & goods by their love for their home.  Sonoma County has earned its reputation as a  "foodie" and gourmand epicenter by producing a rich variety of amazing, high quality artisanal products.  They felt so fortunate, as locals, to have such an abundance of natural, organic, and handcrafted products at their fingertips. They knew that almost everyone would love these products, but they are not always so easily accessible if you're not a local. 

Dandelion gifts & goods has provided the ability to shop local online, anytime.  The dollars spent at Dandelion gifts & goods go back into our local community, supporting family owned business and farms, ensuring the preservation of artisanal methods of production, and supporting a variety of causes, both locally and in other small communities around the world.

Because the products offered are made locally by friends and neighbors, they are able to pick them up fresh, straight from the producers, ensuring the finished product is never shipped twice.  This helps to keep their carbon footprint low and quality high.  Each order is then carefully packed in recycled and recyclable packaging, and every order is shipped via UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping at no additional cost to the shopper.

At Dandelion gifts & goods, Christy and Justin honor their commitment to the environment, and to the community in which we live.  Christy notes, "We strive for 'Tasteful not Wasteful', and use eco-friendly packaging and products whenever possible. By partnering with local companies, we can guarantee that the finished product is never shipped twice, helping us to keep our carbon footprint low and our environmental impact minimal."

Christy adds, "Your purchase from Dandelion gifts & goods helps support small communities and small business as well as a variety of causes including the preservation of rare varieties of coffee, many endangered species, vital watersheds, rainforests, and the ability for family farms to exist.  Not all online businesses are faceless big-box driven corporations!  When you shop with us, your dollars help support a progressive, forward-thinking community that honors our environment, and family-owned businesses."

Dandelion gifts & goods now offers products from two GoLocal members, Taylor Maid Farms and Ah Shayh Natural Skincare

Click here for Dandelion's directory listing, and see Dandelion's Pledge on their website.

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