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Superb “Economics of Happiness” Video Available
Documentary shown at GoLocal's March members' meeting provides an attractive reciipe for creating a joyous, healthy future for all.
Date 08/31/2011
Is the Wal-Mart Way the American Way?
This story was recently published on the California Progress Report website by Santa Rosa Junior College American History professor Martin Bennett.
Author Martin J. Bennett Date 04/19/2011
Sonoma County and the Vitality of Independent Retail
In short, the study reveals the relative strength of locally owned businesses expressed by an index score for every MSA.  They measured the retail market share for chain stores nationwide and by each MSA, with the assumption that the remaining share belonged to local and regional retailers.  The national baseline index equals 100, and Sonoma County's index is 128.3.
Author Terry Garrett Date 01/30/2011 1 comment
Why Bank Local?
Local banks and credit unions play an important role in our local economy that increases the impact of the shift.  
Author Derek Huntington Date 01/05/2011 3 comments
Money, Value, and the Fed
 Our debt-based monetary system is not serving us well.
Author Philip Beard Date 11/19/2010
Invest Local - SEC Petition
Sign this petition to tell the SEC we want to be able to invest in our small local businesses!
Author GO LOCAL Staff Date 11/13/2010 1 comment
“Green New Deal” for the North Bay Recommends GoLocal
Report from Commission on "Green New Deal for the North Bay" calls for major changes in policies on environment, healthcare and commerce.
Author GO LOCAL Staff Date 11/01/2010 2 comments
Vote with Your Dollars - Part 2 of 2
Get out and vote, and while you do, remember that your political votes are only the beginning of your power to make your voice heard.
Author Derek Huntington Date 10/27/2010 2 comments
Sebastopol First
Sebastopol is home to many wonderful locally owned, independent businesses.  Do you know which ones are locally owned?  We bet you know quite a few.
Author Terry Garrett Date 10/16/2010 1 comment

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