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How the Maple Avenue Mural Project started

By: Bob Ruiz

Aug. 20, 2010

How the Maple Avenue Mural Project started

Imaginative inventiveness is happening right in Burbank Gardens backyards! The Mural Project Committee put out a call to artists in late December and received 22 applications from artists and muralists all over the Bay Area and the United States, including Florida, Washington, D.C., and Oregon.

On February 22, we looked at over 300 photo submissions and picked six finalists. The finalists presented their mural concepts to the Committee on April 1 and Jet Martinez, a Bay Area muralist, was chosen to design the Maple Avenue Mural. You can view the artist photos and concept drawing on our website,. Click: Mural Project.

Mural Committee members will be coming door to door in the next few weeks asking for contributions to help support this project. All donations are tax deductible through the Sonoma County Arts Council. A donation of only $10-$20 from each household will offset the cost of this neighborhood beautification project, or consider sponsoring one of 90 panels for $100. In-kind donations, such as brushes,  also welcome. Check the Burbank Gardens website to make a secure online donation.

Stay up-to-date on our Facebook page: Maple Avenue Mural Project.

Most important, though, is your time. We will be holding Community Paint Days, and I invite all to participate in bringing more imagination into our neighborhood. The success of this project depends on our community and its willingness to change our Maple Avenue entrance in a positive way.

Sign up to volunteer by emailing With your help we can put our neighborhood on the cultural map with the longest mural in Northern California.

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