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Matthew Waltenspiel - Personally Speaking

Matthew answers the GoLocal questionnaire to help you better know the person behind the business.

Aug. 20, 2012

Matthew Waltenspiel - Personally Speaking


Matthew Waltenspiel of Windsor Cutlery

GoLocal Member since 2012


What is your fondest memory of living in Sonoma County?

There are so many fond memories of Sonoma County as I was born and raised here. I would have to say some of them include going to my grandparents ranch up in Skagg Springs in Healdsburg. Those included hiking, hunting and being outdoors in the mountains and valleys.


Describe what you experience as the greatest treasure of Sonoma County.

The great treasure of Sonoma County I would have to say it the weather. Yes, we may have a heat wave or a cold stretch but by in large it always seems "just right".


What for you defines 'quality of life'?

Quality of life for me is simple living without excess. Bills paid and a roof over my head and time for family and friends.


What gets you really excited about your business?

I get really excitied about being able to help people choose the "right" tool for the purpose they are asking for.


Thinking about your business, what keeps you up at night?

The things that keep up at night is not being able to supply ALL the varity of knives and tools that are out there. So I do my best in providing what my local customers are looking for.


If you could have one wish come true for Sonoma County, what would it be?

I hope for Sonoma County to remain a "go to" destination for vistors.


What is your favorite quote or motto?

"Keep Your Edge Sharp"


What or who do you most admire in Sonoma County?

I admire community members and businesses who strive to work together for families and the community.


Are you a native of Sonoma County?


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