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VIDEO: Move Your Money

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By: Terry Garrett

Jan. 6, 2010

VIDEO: Move Your Money

People all over the country are choosing to move their money out of bigger banks and into smaller, community-oriented financial institutions that generally avoided the reckless investments and schemes that helped cause the financial crisis.  GO LOCAL member banks and credit unions serve Sonoma County communities.  This offers a great opportunity for citizens and businesses to switch to one of them and support our local banking institutions, which in turn, supports our local communities.

Here's a short video from the folks at Move Your Money.  The filmmaker mashed up the idea with the story told in the classic film It’s A Wonderful Life — a tale about a small banker, played by Jimmy Stewart, who almost gets crushed by a big banker. In the end, though, the community rallies around the small bank and helps save it.



Check out GO LOCAL member financial institutions by clicking on the link here.

Comments (2)

Made me tear up a little bit . . . I have my money in Redwood Credit Union and Community First Credit Union, and couldn't be happier with the service!

posted by Derek on 1/06/10 @ 08:45 a.m.

I loved the clip; great message, amusing presentation, what's not to love? So I was going to link it to my site but thought I ought to check out their web page first.
Again, good site, some informative links... but the key function, in the "take action" box is of course "Find a Bank/Credit Union." And the criteria to determine which banks "make the cut?" I guess I assumed that it would be some measure of their independence and their dedication to their community, right? Wrong; it apparently comes down to whether they are a client of the firm "IRA Bank Rating," with subscription prices ranging from $1000 to the recommended $25,000. ...Which explains why my reliable and much loved local credit union does not appear as a suggested destination for Your Money, since I expect they would prefer (and my friends & neighbors on the board would require them) to put that kind of cash back into our community. Its possible that there is some inherently crucial value to their rating tool; I don't claim to be particularly financially savvy and would be more than happy to stand corrected if someone can explain it. Short of that, I have to conclude that while the Move Your Money message is dead-on, the function and really the motive may be questionable. Thanks!

posted by Kai on 3/19/10 @ 09:13 p.m.

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