PO BOX 3121, Santa Rosa, CA 95402

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KRJF is a noncommercial community radio station that builds, supports, and advocates for community radio as a tool for social justice organizing and a voice for community expression. We also demystify technologies, the political process that governs access to our media system, and the effects of media on our lives and communities.

We are working with groups across the country to build a nationwide multimedia communications infrastructure made up of hundreds of independent, locally-owned and-controlled stations, part of a global movement to put media in the hands of the people.

KRJF prioritizes working with groups traditionally marginalized from media ownership and access in order to get diverse new voices on the air, and to empower movements led by those most affected.

“Community radio is 90% community, and 10% radio.” – Zane Ibrahim of South Africa’s Bush Radio

Social justice groups praise community radio as a powerful tool for movement-building. KRJF is Santa Rosa’s newest community radio station!




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