Lisa Rose Photography

, Santa Rosa, CA

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Who Am I?

Highly experienced photographer with an extensive toolbox of personal and technical skills to bring any project to fruition with zest and creative flair.

I am great with people. Can make the most camera-shy person feel good in their own skin and in doing so they can let their true selves shine through.

I can wrangle a group of 200 with direct, fun and swift communication. I can keep them laughing and enjoy the process while at it.

I am a visual artist and communicator shaping light and composition into messages of passion and purpose.

Best of all, I am a planner and an organized maniac. I can wrap my head around the largest most complicated project and plan accordingly. I am also excellent on the fly, always rolling with the unexpected and enjoying the surprises and creative gems that come from going with the flow.

Who Are you?

A business owner with the desire to grow and show your stuff.

You are invested in your businesses successes and want the world to know what you are up to.

You’ve got a brand-new service or product, a new store or expanded your company and you’re looking to share it far and wide.

Looking for a team mate to help you get to where you want to be.

Who Are We Together?

A team of super-hero masterminds ready to get into the projects at hand with zest.

We are collaborators, creators of vision and passion with a message to the masses that your business is where they want to be.

Together we are unstoppable, together we are On Fire.


ONE-HOUR PHOTO PACKAGE - Does your business need a fresh set of compelling visuals for your digital and print presence? 

We'll discuss your needs in advance, then she'll schedule a time to come out and capture what you do, and you'll get a set of photos to bring added magic to your business presence.

Commercial photo shoot - one hour, at one location - $540 with Lisa Rose Photography.

Contact for more info or to reserve.

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