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Piano Teaching Philosophy


While not all of my students want to become professional musicians, my goal is for all of them to have fun. And I hope that music will become an integral part of their lives. My methodology, however, is structured to serve a second purpose: Enhance academic studies, raise SAT & IQ scores, maintain brain plasticity and even increase life expectancy. Most importantly, I want them to learn how to learn.

Consequently we will focus on the fundamentals of music: How to read music, ear-training and theory. Those who are interested will also learn composition and Music History. All of this will be addressed while playing pieces in a variety of styles—everything from Bach to Coldplay. I don’t care what they choose to play as long as they are refining skills and developing a strong foundation.

Just having private lessons is not enough. They must be taught correctly because only then will they result in dramatic improvements in such things as solving math problems, interpretation of spatial-directional instructions, clarity in time/space perception, memory retention, abstract reasoning, fine motor skills and spatial/visual problem solving. Music really can make you smarter.


Adults just beginning the piano as well as those returning to the piano all want to have fun while reaping the benefits of the latest brain research. According to Dr. David Agus, “Our eyes and nose are windows to the brain” and offer early signs of brain decline. While studying the piano won’t help with your sense of smell, it exercises and strengthens the visual pathways from your eyes to your brain. This is what aids in the speed of processing information which along with work on memory and reasoning are known to delay or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Studying music maintains brain plasticity by encouraging new synapse growth. Besides increasing life expectancy, it leads to a richer and more satisfying life. We will learn the fundamentals of music notation by playing songs that Adults and Seniors alike know and love: everything from “The Marine’s Hymn” to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, to “Stormy Weather”.

“Music Lessons are a solid investment in mental fitness”

—Dr. Francis Raunchier

For singing lessons, see The Bel Canto Studio.

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