The Wattle Guys

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When Quality Really Matters

The Wattle Guys were some of the earliest pioneers in the storm water technology industry, originally as Kristar Enterprises. We have extensive experience developing unique and effective solutions to address storm water pollution for both post construction and course of construction applications. As our new name implies, The Wattle Guys are now focused on the development of products to control sediment and erosion on construction sites, namely and primarily wattles.

The Wattle Guys offer a comprehensive line of products, including “weed free certified” rice straw and excelsior filled wattles with netted or biodegradable coverings in standard sizes ranging from 9” to 18” diameters.

Our most recent addition is the Manga line of wattle accessories. Manga Safety-Cuff and Safety-Sleeve are designed to enhance jobsite safety and performance of erosion control systems that utilize wattles by increasing visibility and eliminating hazards associated with exposed wood stakes.

We Know Erosion

Wattles have become one of the most widely used and perhaps one of the most misapplied products for controlling sediment and reducing erosion on construction sites. Installation techniques vary widely, directly affecting the performance of your erosion control system. Proper installation of wattles, including correct bedding and securing techniques is critical to peak performance.

You can depend on The Wattle Guys for high-quality products and assistance with proper product application and installation techniques to ensure effective sediment and erosion control systems.




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