5 Ways for Marketers to Improve Brand Copy

Nov. 5, 2012 by Bethany Browning

GoLocal member Bethany Browning of BuzzWordInk - Professional Copywriting shares tips for writing effective copy.

5 Ways for Marketers to Improve Brand Copy

Writer H.G. Wells once quipped:  "There is no passion in the world equal to the passion to edit someone else's draft." As a professional copywriter I have the daily opportunity to passionately and proudly edit my clients' drafts. My goal: to create crisp, clear copy that communicates a message, and inspires follow through on a call to action.

But not everyone uses a professional copywriter. So in the interest of helping everyone improve their copy's performance, I've put together a few tips anyone can use to take their copy to the next level.

  1. Audience Benefit. So much copy extols the virtues of brilliant companies, their whip-smart employees, adorable office dogs or lengthy history, etc.… None of this tells the reader what you will do for them. Scrap the grandstanding and share with the audience how they will benefit from working with you.
  2. Keep it Short.  This article is already too long. We are bombarded with info. Make it quick.
  3. Write Compelling Headlines. Often your readers won't even make it past this, so make sure your headline is a knockout. If you're looking for click-through on an email blast or web article use a teaser like: "Our CEO said WHAT to our client?" Instead of: "Our CEO Told Globodyne Systems They Need Our Product." 
  4. Choose Concise Over Clever. So much "friendly, approachable" copy comes across as goofy. Your copy can be fun and warm while still maintaining credibility. Overly clever puns, inside jokes and copy that sounds over-familiar ("Our company already knows what you're thinking, cuz, aw shucks, we've been there too, dontcha' know it?) can turn people off.
  5. Call to Action. Before you communicate with your audience decide what you want them to do. Call you? Email? Place an order today? Everything should be leading up to this final closing piece, and you should make it as easy as possible for your client to fulfill your call to action.

Contact me for more information on how you can increase your writing skills at Bethany@buzzwordink.com. Or, visit my online portfolio at buzzwordink.com to see examples of how you can use these tips in your own business. To schedule an appointment to discuss your copy project, call me at (707) 836-1970.