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"A person who loves everything local, is passionate about discovering the wonders of where we live."

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Colin Godwin - Personally Speaking

Colin Godwin shares some thoughts on living in Sonoma County.

Cheryl Franklin-Personally Speaking

Cheryl Franklin shares some thoughts on living in Sonoma County.

Eight Businesses Relocate to SOMO Village

Traditional Medicinals, Altwork, SOMO Living, Blind Scream, ReSynergi, TouchFab, Inc., Farmster and New Family Farms are all relocating to SoMo Village.

Local Has Its Options

Dear Localista,

I'm from Napa County and stumbled across your website searching for a local bookstore.  One of your members has a location in Napa County.  What difference does it make whether I shop at a local bookstore in Napa, at the Sonoma County owned store, or at our neighborhood Barnes & Noble?

Avid Reader in Calistoga

The Big Deal About Local vs Locale

Dear Localista,
What's the big deal about local businesses? I mean, all businesses that are here are local, aren't they?  Shouldn't we support them all?
   Just Curious in Santa Rosa