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Terry Garrett

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Terry Garrett has been the co-managing member of Sonoma County GO LOCAL and Sustaining Technologies since 2009.

He also serves as a member of the Sonoma County Food System Alliance and as a board member of Sonoma County Economic Development Board and also on its Cannabis Task Force.

Prior to his work in local economic development, he published local newsweekly newspapers and magazines, and developed marketing programs for local retailers and restaurants. Currently he is co-publisher of the local food industry magazine, Made Local.

Stories by Terry Garrett

Choosing Local First, ¬óBuild Local

Chances are you know someone who works in the "building" field.  Build Local represents “building” in a broad sense -- home improvement projects, remodeling, energy conservation, landscaping, gardening, going solar and new construction.  GoLocal encourages people to choose locally-owned companies first when making hiring or purchasing decisions.

Author Terry Garrett Date 12/28/2015
VIDEO: What it Means to be a GO LOCAL Business Member

These are the members that really understand the power of the shared brand and have used it successfully to drive growth in their respective businesses.

Author Terry Garrett Date 12/24/2015
Local Economic Pollinators

Resident consumption controls 70% of the economy. Buying local packs a powerful force for economic good.

Author Terry Garrett Date 11/23/2015
MERCHANTS: Broadcast Radio Campaigns

Reaching half the adult population of Sonoma County every week.

Author Terry Garrett Date 06/29/2015
Sonoma County Food System Alliance Next Steps

For the past two years I've served as GO LOCAL's representative on the Sonoma County Food System Alliance.  Our next step is getting the Food Action Plan implemented.

Author Terry Garrett Date 03/27/2014
Made Local Magazine Supports Guild-Raising

On Saturday February 15th, join the whole Farmers Guild community—from Mendocino to Sonoma Valley, Sacramento to Sebastopol—to celebrate the newest wave of farmers, ranchers and local food players here in Northern California. 

Author Terry Garrett Date 01/22/2014

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