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Bank Local

The Bank Local page is Sonoma County's resource on community banking. Learn why banking locally is so important, get to know your local financial institutions, and find the resources you need make the shift to a community bank or credit union. Lower fees, better service and a stronger local economy for Sonoma County. Make the Bank Local shift today!

Santa Rosa Moves $1.5 Million to Local Banks and Credit Unions

City of Santa Rosa is moving $1.5 million in deposits ($250,000 each) to Community First Credit Union, Exchange Bank, First Community Bank, Redwood Credit Union, Sonoma County Grange Credit Union and Summit State Bank.

Rob Eyler Answers: What is a Depository Institution?

Professor Eyler recently presented a lucid take on banking and how it works at an Invest Local | Bank Local gathering at Sonoma Mountain Village Event Center.

Local Banks and Credit Unions: More Loans, Less Defaults
Sonoma County Banking Revealed

To help you find a local bank that is right for you, we have compiled research on Sonoma County banks and credit unions.

Find a Bank or Credit Union Near You

No matter where you live in Sonoma County, there is a local bank or credit union there to serve you.

Why Bank Local?

Local banks and credit unions play an important role in our local economy that increases the impact of the shift.


VIDEO: Move Your Money

People all over the country are choosing to move their money out of bigger banks and into smaller, community-oriented financial institutions that generally avoided the reckless investments and schemes that helped cause the financial crisis.

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Redwood Credit Union Wins Three MAC Awards
Redwood Credit Union Donates Little Free Library
Redwood Credit Union Wins NACHA Payment Award
Redwood Credit Union Ranks 2nd in Nation
Exchange Bank Names Winner of Frank P. Doyle Philanthropy Award
Exchange Bank Announces Rick Mossi as SVP of Retail Delivery
Redwood Credit Union Wins Industry Marketing Awards
Redwood Credit Union Celebrates 100th Teen Financial Fair
North Bay Fire Relief Fund Provides $7 Million in Grants
Redwood Credit Union (RCU) announced today the RCU Community Fund is providing nearly $7 million in grants from the North Bay Fire Relief Fund to 56 nonprofits supporting the immediate needs of victims of the North Bay fires—an event that devastated the region and community after the fires erupted on October 8, 2017. The grants will help local nonprofits provide a variety of services including financial assistance, food, housing, and other vital services to fire survivors in the region.
Public Banking Benefits in Brief
Learn more about Friends of Public Banking Santa Rosa at
RCU Celebrates International Credit Union Day on October 19
RCU pays tribute to the credit union difference with local food bank donations, social media contests, and more
RCU Receives Healthy Business Leader Award
RCU recognized for commitment to health and financial wellness