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Become a Rewards Card Merchant

Jan. 2, 2014

Become a Rewards Card Merchant

As a GO LOCAL Business, you can get started today!

GO LOCAL Businesses can have a Rewards Card offer as part of their membership, included in the annual dues. 

Want to chat with a GO LOCAL rep to learn more? 

Or please contact us at or 707-888-6105 ext. 2 to get started.

If you're not currently a member of GO LOCAL go to this page for details on joining.


What is Rewards Card?

Rewards Card merchants offer rewards to cardholders as a thanks for choosing locally owned businesses.  Merchants can customize rewards to suit specific needs by offering GO LOCAL Bucks rebates and/or by providing loyalty rewards for reaching number of visits or spending amounts.



Two ways Rewards can be offered: "Swipe the Card" or "Show the Card"

  1. Merchant can offer Electronic Rewards and swipe customer’s card at time of purchase, which then applies specific rewards to cardholder’s purchase. Merchant can access full data reports showing their customers' transactions.
  2. Merchant can offer a simpler "Show the Card Reward", where customer shows the card with purchase and gets a reward, like 5% off their purchase.  With this option, the merchant doesn't get the benefit of network rebates or tracked results, but there is no equipment or setup required.


"Swipe the Card" Reward Offers Available

GO LOCAL Bucks - Offer rebates in GO LOCAL Bucks to customers on purchases made with their GO LOCAL Rewards Card.  Earned GO LOCAL Bucks give cardholders a discount on their next purchase from any GO LOCAL Rewards Card Merchant accepting GO LOCAL Bucks.

Loyalty Rewards - Track customers’ first visit, number of visits, and dollars spent at your business.  It works like popular “punch card” programs, with the added power of electronic tracking and a single GoLocal branded card used within the entire GoLocal network.


Equipment Needed for "Swipe the Card" Rewards

  • Computer(s) with internet connection at POS.   Options if you don’t have that:
    • Purchase a netbook (approximately $250) or an Andriod tablet ($100).  We have them available for purchase.
    • An iPad can be used, but card numbers must be typed in manually (no card reader connection available)
  • Card reader with USB connection. Options if you don’t have one:
    • Purchase a USB card reader. ($75 - contact us for specifications before purchasing, or we have them available for purchase)


Watch this short video to get the basics on how to become a Rewards Card merchant. 

Rewards Card merchant offers and processing is included in the membershp dues.


It's time to GO LOCAL!

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