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Own a local business and want to join?

Dec. 28, 2015

Own a local business and want to join?

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GO LOCAL is a marketing organization for locally owned independent businesses. Members use a shared brand, targeted advertising, and a Rewards Card to increase sales and gain market share. 

If you want to increase your sales and feel part of the local business community, join and work the GO LOCAL fundamentals.



Keep reading this entire webpage for the full story about why to join, PLUS...

...Let some of our members tell you why with their testimonials.

...Read a long list of membership benefits.

...Review our business member FAQs.

...View or download a 4-page PDF of GO LOCAL program features and benefits (as shown to left)





If you're ready to join or renew and want to skip the information below, just go to the registration page to start, or log in (upper right of website) if you already have a user account.

There are four tiers of Business Membership.

GO LOCAL membership dues are based on your Sonoma County sales as shown below.

Membership includes Shared Brand licensing, offering electronic or "show your card" Rewards, media offers, and many other resources.

Membership begins on your join date and renews on that date annually.

Once you join, you'll receive a welcome email and a membership packet in the mail with steps to help you "Work the GO LOCAL Fundamentals".

Verify your business meets our member criteria.

  • Business is privately held (not publicly traded).
  • 50% or greater of the business owners live in Sonoma County.
  • Business corporate headquarters are in Sonoma County.
  • Business makes independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing practices and distribution.
  • Business pays all its own rent, marketing expenses and other expenses.

Sign up now:

Join ONLINE via PayPal:  click here.

Set up a user account, make your annual dues payment via PayPal, and then you’ll be redirected to your account page to create your online business listing.

Or join via PAPER APPLICATION AND CHECK: click here.

Download and print the PDF application, complete it and mail it in with your annual dues payment. 



Once you're a member, increase your sales and feel part of the local business community by working the GO LOCAL fundamentals.

View or download a PDF of the Member Tools Checklist to help you Work Your Membership. 


More about the GO LOCAL Shared Brand: How Our $10 Million Shared Brand Gets Results

GO LOCAL's marketing goal is to shift purchasing of goods and services from non-local to local businesses. The greater our brand value, the greater our influence to shift behavior.  We don't ask people to buy more of anything.  We do ask that they make a conscious choice—local first.

What Tom Scott of Oliver's Market has to say about the effectiveness of GO LOCAL membership:

"Sales of local products have grown about 35% in the past two years—about twice as fast as non-local products. It's (GO LOCAL) been amazingly good for business."

Watch this video and read more here to see and hear members describe the benefits they've received using GO LOCAL Shared Branding.


Our group advertising programs like Made Local, Bank Local and Rewards Card concentrate the power of our shared brand to accomplish more than any one member could do alone.



Once you've started working your membership, supercharge your GO LOCAL membership these ways:

  • Become a Rewards Merchant. Learn more in the video below.
  • Buy bundled media packages through GO LOCAL.
  • Buy digital, print, radio, and outdoor advertising through GO LOCAL and its partners.

Reserve one of the above options at

Rewards Card Helps Measure Your Results and Engage Your Customers

Watch this short video to learn how Rewards Card and GO LOCAL Bucks Work.  Once you become a GO LOCAL member, then you can set up merchant participation with the GO LOCAL Rewards Card.


It's time to GO LOCAL!

Get a free card today for exclusive rewards at local merchants.

Ready to Go?

Use our Sonoma County map to find GO LOCAL merchants!

Discover hundreds of locally owned merchants in your own backyard. Keep your rewards card on hand and ask folks: Are you GO LOCAL?

Try it now!


2016 Top Sponsors

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Being a GO LOCAL merchant can help your business.

GO LOCAL is a marketing network for locally owned independent businesses.
Members work together using a shared brand and Rewards Card to increase sales. Learn more.

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