Cannabis and its Impact on our Local Economy

April 17, 2017

No matter your personal perspectives about the cannabis industry, it's well established that cannabis production in Sonoma County is a massive driver of our local economy. Estimated annual wholesale production comes to around $2.5 billion; that’s 10% of Sonoma County’s gross product.
Applying a conservative economic multiplier pushes the local economic impact of cannabis toward $6 billion per year in Sonoma County alone - that's a significant number.
GO LOCAL supports locally owned businesses of all sectors, and makes every effort to ensure they get local market share and assistance to take their products to other markets. The cannabis industry is just another industry under the blanket of GO LOCAL's mission.
One doesn’t have to be a wine or beer lover in order to appreciate the huge value brought to our local economy by the companies making those products. The same is true for cannabis.
And like the wine and beer sector, there are hundreds of businesses that serve the cannabis industry. From lawyers and accountants to graphic designers and home improvement retailers sell goods and services to cannabis businesses. Their incomes are greatly enhanced by cannabis, and they are GO LOCAL members.