Celebrate Shop Local Week, May 1-7, 2022!

April 13, 2022

Small local businesses are our local superheroes...be their champion and shop local!!

Your community depends on local business too. They are what makes your local economy thrive and your life full of unique and wonderful choices. They are your neighbors and friends, community supporters and partners. They’re also your trusted advisors and services.

Beyond the economic and community benefits of shopping locally, it’s just plain fun. Products and choices are provided just for you, not everyone everywhere. And there’s someone to listen to your requests, usually an owner who can make decisions.

Studies across the country show that spending locally recirculates 3-5 times as much money in your community as spending with a big box or chain store. Your community collects more sales taxes to pay for emergency services, parks, libraries and so much more. The profits stay local rather than being sent out of state or even out of country. This helps support little league teams, children’s services and causes you care about through philanthropy.

Take the Shop Local Week daily challenge and post a pic of your adventures at facebook.com/golocal with #ShopLocalWeek.

Let’s show our love for local!








Don’t stop now, keep going local!

Shop Local Week was created in support of the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Week. With Shop Local Week,  customers can now participate in the week-long celebration of all things local business.

Shop Local Week is a feature of Local First, a program of the Local Business Institute.