Choosing Local First, —Build Local

Dec. 28, 2015 by Terry Garrett

 What you can do—think Local First

Choosing Local First, —Build Local

Chances are you know someone who works in the "building" field.  Build Local represents “building” in a broad sense -- home improvement projects, remodeling, energy conservation, landscaping, gardening, going solar and new construction.  GO LOCAL encourages you to choose locally-owned companies first when making contracting or purchasing decisions.

Nearly 20,000 Sonoma County residents are employed in the building field, which includes construction and retail related businesses.  That's about 10% of total employment for Sonoma County.  Needless to say, commercial and residential development has been hit the hardest since 2007.  You can download a construction industry report here from the Economic Development Board of Sonoma County, which gives a current perspective.




What can you do to support Sonoma County's building contractors and retailers?

Make a local first choice.  You need some lumber and nails, decide to go to Friedman's Home Improvement.  You are installing new flooring to a room, choose Conklin Bros. or Empire Floors.  Maybe you're planting a garden, or landscaping, choose Emerisa Gardens, Instant Jungle Bamboo & Palm Nursery, Wyatt Irrigation, or Leff Landscape.

Every time you choose a GoLocal business member and make a purchase, more of what you spend stays local and goes to support the jobs these businesses represent.