Entrepreneurs Turn to a New Source of Funds: Their Neighbors

June 15, 2014

The Wall Street Journal features Stacy MItchell, Jenny Kassan and Michael Shuman in an article on the front of their June 11, 2014 business section.

Forget "Buy Local." A Growing Movement Is Urging People To Take Grass-Roots Support Further And Invest Local.

Two years ago, Rick Stender found out that a local business he liked—a custom-bike maker—was in big trouble. The shop needed money to import extra bike parts for the holiday rush. And banks wouldn't extend any credit to such a young company.

Many people would have tried to give the store some extra business by buying a new bike, or urging friends to stop in. Many others would have simply shrugged.

Mr. Stender wrote a check for $20,000.

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