Farm Shorts: Full House Farm

Sept. 19, 2013 by Kala Philo
Farm Shorts: Full House Farm


Christine Cole beautifully sums up the quest for deeper connection we all seek when visiting farms and connecting with animals, especially horses.

First and foremost, it is a 23-acre mostly wild land.  One of the most attractive activities at Full House Farm revolves around the horses.  Harmony With Horses is designed to educate "kids" from 2-92, with the horses being the real teachers and Expansion Coach™, Christine Cole, skillfully guiding students.

There are mentoring programs for kids and inspiring, life-changing programs for adults. This is not your ordinary horseback riding experience, but rather a journey into the language of the horse. Christine's 30+ years of coaching is a rare find, unique in it's depth and insight.

Besides the horses, there are sheep, chickens, and rabbits. Tours are available for small and large groups. You can learn about micro-farming, organic foods and sustainable living.

There are picnic facilities if you are planning a visit for the day.