GO LOCAL FAQs for Businesses

Dec. 21, 2015

Wondering if GO LOCAL membership is right for your business? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us.

GO LOCAL FAQs for Businesses

Wondering if GO LOCAL membership is right for your business? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us.


What is GO LOCAL?

If you want to increase your sales and feel part of the local business community, use the GO LOCAL fundamentals. GO LOCAL is a marketing organization for locally owned independent businesses. Members use a shared brand, targeted advertising, and a Rewards Card to increase sales and gain market share. Today, 430 locally owned business owners, nonprofits and public agencies are GO LOCAL members, united by one mission: creating a resilient, thriving local economy in Sonoma County that supports people and the planet through economic localization.

Who are GO LOCAL members?

GO LOCAL members are committed to growing their business and creating a more economically prosperous Sonoma County. They are business and community leaders from diverse sectors who grow their businesses and create sustainable communities through the member services that GO LOCAL offers.

Why should I join?

Go to golocal.coop/join for member benefits, testimonials, videos and links to other stories about why businesses join.

How can I take advantage of my membership?

The Member Tools Checklist is a handy list showing how you can Work the Fundamentals of your membership and realize value in being a member. They you can superchange your GO LOCAL membership with our additional campaigns that go Beyond the Fundamentals.

How long does a membership last?

GO LOCAL membership is valid for a period of one year from the date you join.

How do I renew my annual membership?

The GO LOCAL team will send you a paper and electronic invoice one month before your renewal is due. You will receive an invoice and can send us a check, or to renew your membership online, log in to golocal.coop and click the Renew link in the top right of your account profile page.

I own a franchise and I would like to become a member of GO LOCAL. How can I find out if I qualify for membership?

GO LOCAL does allow some franchises to join as long as they meet a few criteria that qualify them as an independent business. If you can answer yes to the following 5 questions, then your business could be eligible for membership.

1. Is your business privately held? (not publicly traded)

2. Do the business owners, totaling greater than 50% of the business ownership, live within 50 miles of the place of business?

3. Is your business located within Sonoma County, with no corporate or national headquarters out-of-state?

4. Can your business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of your business, as well as all business purchasing, practices and distribution?

5. Do you pay all your own marketing, rent and other business expenses (without assistance from a corporate headquarters)?

How do I update my member directory listing or account information?

You can update your directory listing when logging in with your username to golocal.coop.

I just received my new member packet. Why is my company’s name not listed in the print Pocket Guide?

We print the Member Directory twice every year, in May and November. Your listing will be included in the next printing.


I forgot my password.

No problem. Click Login and enter the email address you used to register and a replacement password will be sent to you.

I can’t sign in.

Click Login and Forgot Password, then enter your email address and password you used to register for an account. If you’ve recently changed your password, make sure you’re using your most recent password. If you’re still having trouble please call us at 707-888-6105 to have a GO LOCAL team member walk you through the process.

I no longer want to receive GO LOCAL emails. What do I do?

If you're a GO LOCAL member, email newsletters are the primary way that we communicate with our members.  Please don't unsubscribe.

I'm not receiving GO LOCAL emails or newsletters and would like to. What do I do?

Contact us at info@golocal.coop and we'll be sure you're in our email contact records.

Does GO LOCAL share my personal information?

We will not sell your non-public personal information to any third party unless such third party is performing services for or on our behalf and is bound by an obligation of confidentiality (like our newsletter management service). However, we are a marketing and referral network, and will forward your contact information to other members when it's requested for referral purposes.


What opportunities do I have to get more involved with GO LOCAL?

Visit one of our monthly Refer Local lunchtime meetings.