GO LOCAL Marketing Going on 9 Years

March 27, 2017 by Terry Garrett

GO LOCAL Celebrates Our 9th Year

Fifteen years ago no one had heard of local economic development marketing. Conventional wisdom held that "attraction" of companies from outside the area (think new Target or Walmart stores, manufacturing, distribution, etc.) was the only way to build a local economy.

BALLE and AMIBA, the two national organizations that promote the local first initiative had their beginnings about 15 years ago. The primary tenet is that economic development begins at home—support locally owned businesses and help them grow stronger. Support new local business start-ups. That's how we build good companies and create jobs.

GO LOCAL and over 100 local networks set out to prove that local first works better by providing a higher return on investment.

Check out the video below that expresses how we feel about what we do. It's all new, innovative stuff that we do, and we're proud of our accomplishments but ever mindful that we must continue to improve and learn.


Sonoma County GO LOCAL: Marketing like a duck to water from Sonoma County GO LOCAL Coop on Vimeo.