Livestream Interview with GL Co-Founder Philip Beard

April 22, 2013
Livestream Interview with GL Co-Founder Philip Beard

"Homeowners for Justice" host CJ Holmes spreads the word about Go Local Bucks on the Apr. 18 installment of her daily show.

On April 18 C.J. Holmes, founder of Homeowners for Justice, devoted 40 minutes of her daily Livestream show to a lively interview with Go Local co-founder Philip Beard, one of the architects of the Go Local Buck.  The discussion ranged from the perfidy of private megabanks, to the success of the Swiss WIR currency, to the ravages wreaked by compound interest, to the unique customer-based Go Local Buck development strategy. 

Dr. Beard emphasized the enormous potential of non-debt-based money for addressing the global ills that confront us: problems of unsustainability and destructive behavior that we can’t possibly solve as long as our primary transactional tool is itself unsustainable.  (That would be the dollar, the euro, the yen, every other central-bank-issued debt currency....) 

See broadcast below; the Beard segment begins 30 minutes in to the program. (The “Bugger the Bankers” musical romp that C.J. ends the show with is a hoot too).

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