Made Local Magazine Supports Guild-Raising

Jan. 22, 2014 by Terry Garrett
Made Local Magazine Supports Guild-Raising

On Saturday February 15th, join the whole Farmers Guild community—from Mendocino to Sonoma Valley, Sacramento to Sebastopol—to celebrate the newest wave of farmers, ranchers and local food players here in Northern California. Come chefs, grocers, and advocates for local food. Join us for drinks and music, dancing and farm-fresh food while rubbing elbows with the finest turnip-plucking, chicken-wrangling, compost-turning, muck-booted, overall-flaunting folks we know, love and need.

PLACE: Sebastopol Grange • 6000 Hwy 12 Sebastopol

Special Opportunity to Sponsor This Event with In-kind Contributions

By sponsoring the Guild you show your support of a growing new wave of local farmers and food producers, the newest face of sustainable agriculture whose membership, partnerships and supporters are growing fast and spreading throughout the state--from farmers to consumers and everyone between.

- Participating in the event gives you access to local farmers, ranchers and food artisans all producing high-quality and sustainably grown products and looking for new avenues of distribution and continued growth

- The Farmers Guild is an incubator of local entrepreneurship and so any support of the Guild is a clear sign of your support for local economic vitality

So what we're looking for, in short:

- Vendors, distributers, shops, etc. to join us for the fun, casual Farmer-to-Consumer Speed Dating event (see invite)
- Donations of food and drink or money to purchase ingredients (like a whole pig, for instance) from members of the Farmers Guild to serve at the Guild-Raising
- Anyone else who wants to get involved with the Guild to contact Evan Wiig at

The Event Line-up

3 - 5 PM

Farmer Inventor Showcase, hosted by the Community Alliance of Family Farmers (CAFF). Ever jerry-rigged your own potato scrubber from old barn junk? Or did you design the perfect mobile chicken tractor? Maybe you've got an innovative new scarecrow in the works? Bring 'em on down! Show off your prototypes, blueprints or just photos of your favorite farm-made contraptions.

5 - 7 PM

To commemorate Valentines Day, we'll be hosting Farmer-to-Consumer Speed Dating. On one side we invite farmers, ranchers and food artisans to line up and show off their stuff; on the other side grocers, local chefs, agriculture advocates, farmers market managers, land-owners and more. You'll get a few minutes to pitch your CSA, cow-share or agricultural business or just ask questions, learn more about the market and find out about new resources. A great way to network and best part: no strings attached.

7 - 10 PM

Stay for the Party! Along with our partners at CAFF, the Grange, SHED, and Cropmobster, we'll be giving out the Farmers Guild Coopetition Award to someone working to feed their community in more ways than one. Now accepting nominations. Learn more. Then stick around for a good ol' fashioned jamboree! Farm-fresh food, drinks, music. So bring your guitar, your kale, your dancing boots and join us in Raising the Guild.