MERCHANTS: Member Benefits

Dec. 3, 2021

If you want to increase your presence as a GO LOCAL member and take advantage of the benefits, WORK YOUR MEMBERSHIP.


Member Benefits for GO LOCAL Businesses


The Shared Brand

All members are licensed to use the GO LOCAL shared brand - a whole family of logos with over 500M gross media impressions and a $10M media value annually.  13 years strong, the GO LOCAL grand has established trust throughout Sonoma County.

Member Promotion 


Marketing Strategy and Support

The GO LOCAL team has 13 years of experience understanding and serving marketing needs of locally owned businesses, helping them thrive. Schedule an individual session in person or on phone to learn best practices and strategies for your specific business. Available annually.

Refer Local Lunchtime Gathering

Members are invited to attend and introduce themselves and their business at monthly networking lunches every second Friday, with the option to sign up for a 10-min feature presentation. Refer Local is based on the spirit of members working together to strengthen relationships and to give, receive, and track quality referrals to increase profits and customers.

GO LOCAL Rewards Card

All members can participate in the GO LOCAL Rewards Card program. By offering a reward to a large and loyal GO LOCAL customer base as a thanks for choosing local first, your business can get more exposure, sales & community connection.  While the GO LOCAL shared brand tells people why local first is important, the Rewards Card helps people take action to choose local first.  
Each merchant can customize their reward to suit their specific needs through a “show the card” offer.  Offering Rewards is included as part of GO LOCAL membership and optional.

Media Offers

Current members can opt to apply up to 1/3 of their membership fee to any of GO LOCAL’s media offers, strategically designed for locally owned businesses.