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North Bay iHub Innovation Week 2014

Aug. 7, 2014

North Bay iHub Innovation Week 2014

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North Bay iHub announces the first annual North Bay Innovation Week highlighting innovation in the North Bay the week of Sept 15 – 19 2014. A Relationship & Information Conference for Entrepreneurs – dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through a free, crowd-sourced, decentralized conference in the North Bay Tri counties, in which entrepreneurs connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial & innovative spirit, featuring a format that is hands-on and all about high-energy, sharing ideas, connecting with new people and stoking the fires of new possibilities.

This Conference will provide forums where entrepreneurs of all ages and stages can connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to its signature events Innovative Week will also offer educational programs and networking opportunities.

Goals of the week-long conference will be to showcase the breadth and depth of North Bay organizations that stimulate innovation & entrepreneurship. Also to raise awareness of North Bay iHub as the umbrella organization that fosters collaboration between partners who offer education, mentoring, services and funds to entrepreneurs.

This inaugural event will provide discovery and networking opportunities between entrepreneurs and those who service and support them, emphasize on innovation that leads to high growth high paying local jobs that deliver sustainable products and services and target these business segments: Software (SaaS, Social Media, Web, IT, Cloud, etc.), Healthcare  & Medical Technology, Ag & Food, Clean Tech, Optics / Telecom, etc.

Innovation Week is dedicated to empower entrepreneurs through a free, crowd-sourced, decentralized conference in which entrepreneurs connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit.

This will be the Must-Attend 2014 Conference for Entrepreneurs and Innovators!





Growing, producing and selling local food will lead to greater local self-reliance.  Currently we grow less than 1% of our local produce.  We do much better in the areas of dairy and meat production.  There is tremendous, local consumption demand for healthy, processed foods.

Each year Sonoma County residents collectively spend $2.1 billion on food in restaurants and grocery stores.

Imagine we could see local food businesses generate an additional $285 million per year by doing one simple thing.

If we shifted just 10% of our buying to locally owned grocers and restaurants carrying locally grown, raised and produced food we could produce that result.

That's an additional $285 million per year that our local farms, ranchers, processors, retailers and restaurants would see as income to hire more employees, upgrade operations, expand their businesses and start new businesses.



  • Kenny Belov, TwoXSea (renewable seafood company)
  • Evan Wiig, Farmer’s Guild (farmers thinking inside the row)
  • Heather Granahan, CAFF (innovative opportunity: seeking entrepreneurs)
  • Terry Garrett, GO LOCAL (Made Local Magazine publisher)

The HATCHERY (10-11:15 AM) - RSVP here.

6,000 sq. ft. facility built in 1917 as an egg hatchery Penngrove (near the 101) and has been restored by new owner Bill Foss.

The Healdsburg SHED (5:30-6:45 PM) - RSVP here.

A modern grange located in downtown Healdsburg.

Limited seating capacity—please RSVP and first come, first served.



Sonoma County GO LOCAL • UCCE  • CAFF • Sonoma County Department of Health Services


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