Oliver's Market Makes Made Local Magic

Sept. 1, 2013 by Terry Garrett
Oliver's Market Makes Made Local Magic


We Salute Oliver's Market

Oliver's Market really knows how to show off their local stuff. A couple months ago Oliver's shifted into high gear with a local first in-store promotion.

Around the GoLocal office, we constantly reminded ourselves to take some photos and share them with our members and visitors to this site.  Finally this weekend while buying my weekly groceries I decided to pack my camera.  The short video below is a compilation of the many ways Oliver's Market supports local food producers and growers.

As their local motto states, "When you support us, we support them".

Thousands of local jobs are represented by the local producers and growers that Oliver's chooses as suppliers.  Most people say they would buy from local providers if they just knew which ones are local.  Oliver's is locally owned and they have made it easy for us to find the local grocery suppliers with their Made Local campaign highly visible throughout their stores.  Look for the Made Local emblem.

GoLocal is truly gratified by the incredible dedication and support of Oliver's Market for the local cause.  The photos were taken at Oliver's Stony Point store.