Printed Books Still Rule the Day

Sept. 5, 2016 by Terry Garrett

Fifteen years ago, Amazon the bookseller was racing for market share in the bookseller space by gobbling up sales left and right. The brick and mortar players scrambled to plug the leaks flowing out to this monster hoovering up their sales.

Then in 2007, the Kindle was born. Yikes, that was a category killer if ever there was one. It was bad enough that Amazon sucked the market share from printed books, now they were going to gnaw their bones with e-books taking even more share. Does the misery never end?

But, wait a minute, what happened in 2015?

Is the recent trend signaling renewed life for brick and mortar booksellers and a revival of the printed book?

Take a look at the chart. The Pew Research Center provided these results from a recent study.

GO LOCAL founding member, Copperfield's Books, has been a successful local bookseller throughout the industry's ups and downs and we're happy to report they are growing thanks to the local allegiance of North Bay residents who shop with them regularly.


Remember: Copperfield's Books returns millions of dollars each year to our community and provides jobs for locals.


As seductive as it may be at times, Amazon sucks money and jobs out of the community.

Shop Local, because it counts when you do.