Stop Dirt at the Door with a GoLocal Mat

April 26, 2012 by GO LOCAL Staff

Co-Brand your business right where customers walk in the door!

Stop Dirt at the Door with a GoLocal Mat

GoLocal member Sunset Linen and Uniform is making it easier for GoLocal business members to incorporate GoLocal branding into their entryways!

Make a great lasting impression.  With custom logo floor mats, your customers are greeted as they walk through your front door.  Floor mats keep your floors clean and safeguard from spills and falls.  Their scraper and anti-fatigue mats help staff stay safe and comfortable. 

Sunset Linen & Uniform Supply is a Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning Service. Their Floor Mat Services include Mat CleaningFloor Mat DeliveryFloor Mat Rental, Commercial Mats, Entrance Mats, and Floor Mat Replacement.

Pricing for a standard 3'x4' mat branded with GoLocal (or your business, or both!) runs around $80.

Contact Sunset Linen and Uniform at 1-800-660-1970 or email them at, to receive more information about custom logo mats and various mat services.