Take Advantage of New Incentive Program to Help with New Hires

Dec. 4, 2014
Take Advantage of New Incentive Program to Help with New Hires

Local employers are invited to take advantage of a new program offered by the Sonoma County Workforce Investment Board and Job Link, which will help local employers subsidize their orientation/on-boarding and training costs for new hires. This program can pay for 50% of an individual's wage, (up to $10,000 or six months), to local employers for each new eligible person they hire, to help compensate for training costs.  

This program called "On-the-Job" training or OJT is available now, until funding runs out. 

What is OJT?

OJT is a method of training sponsored by Job Link, which connects employers with subsidies when they hire qualified and eligible job seekers.  The program reimburses employers 50% of a new hire's wage up to six months or $10,000 (whichever comes first).  This money can offset training costs, production losses, and supervision time.

Do I Get to Choose Who To Hire?

ALWAYS!  Your staffing choices remain your decision.  Job Link can offer assistance if you need to identify a person who is already qualified for OJT, or they can conduct an eligibility assessment on a person you've chosen to hire through other means.  It usually takes a week to qualify and assess your chosen candidate to determine their eligibility for OJT.  (All eligibility assessments must occur prior to the hire date.  Not all job seekers qualify.)

How Quickly Am I Reimbursed?

Job Link works quickly to process reimbursements on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How do we get the process started?

To learn more about OJT, or get started on the process contact 

Heather LoBue, 

Business Services Program Manager at the Economic Development Board:

(707) 565-6415 or heather.lobue@sonoma-county.org