Where You Live Makes a Difference in your Life Expectancy

May 31, 2011

KRCB’s North Bay Voice website features video of "Sonoma County in Ten Years" conference with Dr. Anthony Iton

Where You Live Makes a Difference in your Life Expectancy

The “Sonoma County in Ten Years” conference on April 21, 2011, included elected officials and heads of various government agencies, as well as representatives from local businesses, health organizations, community action groups, social service agencies, education, and the arts.

Dr. Iton commented in his keynote address that “as intelligent human beings we are smart enough to take the necessary steps to raise the quality of life for all Sonoma County residents.”

View Dr. Iton’s address here: http://www.northbayvoice.org/Community-Conversations/

In his article posted on the North Bay Voice website http://www.northbayvoice.org/, Community Action Partnership’s Oscar Chavez  anticipated that the conference would bring together leaders who seek an opportunity for change, who demonstrate passion and persistence in community problem solving, and who are committed to building a healthy and prosperous Sonoma County during this next decade and beyond. He stated that Sonoma County will face some daunting challenges over the next decade that will require us to break free from the traditional “silo” approach to problem solving and to move toward a collaborative approach of working with non-traditional partners and across sectors.

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