Womens' Spaces TV Show Features GO LOCAL

March 19, 2013

Elaine B. Holtz interviews team and board member Janeen Murray.

Elaine B. Holtz is the host of Women's Spaces, and is GO LOCAL member Norton and Holtz Business Solutions.  Elaine first produced Women's Spaces in 1978 on KBBF FM in Santa Rosa, the nation's first bilingual radio station, and it lasted unitl 1981.  In 2007 Elaine resurrected the show for TV with her first TV broadcast on Santa Rosa Community station through Comcast Cable Access.  In December 2011 she produced her 200th TV show. 

Elaine has always had a special interest in the needs and talents of women.

In this episode she talks with Janeen Murray about the importance of going local, how GO LOCAL started, what the local multiplier effect is about, and how GO LOCAL Rewards work.

Watch more episodes at womensspaces.com.