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At, we view bicycles as tools that serve a purpose. For most of us, that purpose does not include racing... We use our bicycles to go places, and to haul things and people.

Sometimes we need to transport our bikes in, say, the trunk of a rental car, or on a train or transit bus. When we are en-route to our cycling destination, we don't like to leave our bicycle(s) conspicuously attached to car racks, or 'locked' outside a place of business. We like to keep our bike partners with us!

And when we ride, we expect a quality experience.

We Offer Bikes With a Twist!

Well, a 'fold' anyway... Enter Bike Friday and Montague folding bicycles.

These versatile machines go where you need to go, and don't ask for much in return. Carry your folded bike onto a train. Fit two into the trunk of your vehicle -- out of sight -- and you're ready for the road. Go ahead, stop for a meal on the way, perhaps a little wine tasking, or maybe check out some sights - your bikes are safe, secure, and invisible. Upon arriving at your destination, remove your Bike Friday bicycle from the vehicle, flip it open and voila! -- you are ready for rolling fun in under 60 seconds.

Bike Friday bikes have been had made for nearly 25 years by artisans at Green Gear Cycling in Eugene, Oregon. Montague bikes were developed by an MIT graduate student, and are produced in Asia.


Bike Friday Haul-a-Day Cargo Bike
Bike Friday Haul-a-Day Cargo Bike

The amazing Haul-a-Day is a one-size-fits-all hauler for the family, or the small business, who need to haul stuff around and lower their carbon footprint at the same time. This work horse can haul 400 lbs of kids or groceries, and weighs up to 15 lbs less that the competing bikes from Yuba and XtraCycle.

Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler
Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler

It doesn't get any more poetic than A Bicycle Built for Two. Really fund for tooling around the neighborhood, or Spring Lake. Try it!

Bike Friday New World Tourist folding bike
Bike Friday New World Tourist folding bike

Our top-selling tour bike, the 'NWT' is Bike Friday's biggest seller. It is the bike of choice for long-distance cycle tourists, who want to simply the task of getting too and from the ride. EVERY Bike Friday Bike, including this New World Tourist, fits in a standard 30" Samsonite f'lite GT suitcase.

Montague Paratrooper mouintain bike - folded!
Montague Paratrooper mouintain bike - folded!

This is what the Paratrooper looks like AFTER your ride at Annadel State Park! Hide it away in the trunk of your care for the evening.

Montague Paratrooper folding mountain bike
Montague Paratrooper folding mountain bike

The Montague Paratrooper is a serious hard-tail design mountain bike that will get to your ride conveniently and securely.

Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay
Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay

Don't try this with just any tandem. That's a full-size Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay folding tandem in there. 60-seconds from folded configuration to wheels down and ready to ride.

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