Exchange Bank - Santa Rosa (Main Branch & Corporate HQ)

545 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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A full Service Bank for your Personal and Business Needs.

Wealth Management Department with experienced Trust Officers Commercial Lending and EB Leasing. Local Banking Experts, Local Decision Makers.

Our History

Founded in 1890- One of the most unique banks in the United States

The last will and testament of Exchange Bank's co-founder and second president, Frank Doyle, stands tall above his many accomplishments. Doyle wanted the Bank to be a locally owned and managed institution. So rather than giving his stock to his heirs, his controlling interest --(50.39% of the common stock) was put into a perpetual trust. The dividends are specified for distribution by the Trustees to the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O'Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund for assistance to worthy young men and women attending Santa Rosa Junior College. The Doyle Trust has proven to be one of the most remarkable planned gifts in the history of American community college education.

Our Honors

Throughout the years we have won awards and accolades in Sonoma County by being voted the Best Local Bank, Best Business Bank, Best Consumer Banks , One of the Best Places to Work, Best Company to Do Business With, and Business Environmental Alliance Best Practices Award. We believe our core values make these honors possible.

Core Values Commitment: We will provide outstanding service to our customers. We will continue the Bank's long history of financial success. We will support our community with our money, time and talent. Respect: We believe our employees and our customers are our most valuable assets. We will always treat them with respect.

Integrity: We believe in a firm adherence to a code of the highest moral and ethical values. We will always do the right thing.

Teamwork: We achieve our goals and meet with success by working together as a team.

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