Food For Thought

6550 Railroad Ave, Forestville, CA 95436

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Food For Thought: Healing with Food + Love

Located in Forestville, California, Food For Thought is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of people living with HIV and other serious illnesses in Sonoma County.

OUR MISSION Fostering health and healing with food and compassion.

We provide free weekly groceries, including fresh produce, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and whatever other goodies are on hand, along with frozen meals. Our services include nutrition counseling, healthy cooking classes, a congregate lunch program three times a week, and an organic gardening project.

We currently feed over 850 people, including men, women, and dependent children of parents who live with HIV and other serious illnesses. We also provide services in English and Spanish. More than one third of our clients receive delivery service because they are home bound due to ill health or lack of transportation. Almost 500 volunteers help us prepare meals, stock groceries, deliver food, and more.

Food For Thought is an ideal place to volunteer and donate. We are dedicated to nourishing a healthy, strong, and connected community.




Dining Out for Life

Added: 11/13/20

On Thursday, December 3rd, order takeout from one of 65+ local restaurants and make a donation online to Food For Thought, a local nonprofit agency dedicated to meeting the nutrition needs of people living with HIV, COVID-19 and other serious illnesses in Sonoma County. Learn more at:


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