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J Christopher Co. was thought up in 2006, after years of experimenting with many commercial spice rubs and blends, looking for the perfect Baby Back Rib rub... After years of frustration and disappointment, and many failed BBQ dinners, our founder JC Flugger started to develop his own blend.

After a trip to Jerusalem in 2009, while walking through the world renowned Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, Israel, the final pieces to the puzzle were discovered! Working with traditional BBQ flavors from Tennessee, then fused with fresh tastes of California, and finishing with old world spice standards - THE Rub was born.

We welcome you to try this amazingly well balanced blend of spices, herbs, and flavors - and not just for BBQ.

OUR GOAL FOR YOU At J Christopher Co., we have one goal: To make the best spice blends, because Nothing Else Matters.

Our original rub, THE Rub, is made up of only the best-quality herbs, spices, and ingredients. Pulling spice flavor influences from around the world, this mixture has it all. Sweet, spicy, tangy, savory. Southern U.S., Middle East, Spain, and South America...

We pride ourselves on working hard to find the best ingredients, always striving to be better than yesterday. That is why we:

  • use iodine free Kosher salts.

  • are gluten-free & Non-GMO

  • keep developing better blends

While most companies use salts, onion, and chili powder as inexpensive fillers, those are our minor ingredients; we use just enough of those, to get the perfect balance. Kosher salt covers better, with wider flakes to evenly crust on the food and break down quicker in liquids. Light sugar is used to balance the savory paprika and chili. Our proprietary blend of spices really shines through, without overpowering your taste buds.

THE Rub can be used on just about anything you want! Best on baby backs, pork shoulder ribs, tri-tip, brisket, chicken, eggs, pizza, any vegetables, and even in Bloody Mary mix! If you discover a use, let us know. We are always happy to hear from you and the creative ways you have used THE Rub. ​ We utilize the spices’ characteristics, allowing you to make them go a long way for every meal you make. One tablespoon will spice a whole roasted chicken!


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