J. Hilburn, Men's Clothier - Janice Langan, Independent Personal Stylist

925 Golf Course Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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HI , my name is Janice Langan and I am passionate about beautiful fabric, great fitting clothes and making people happy. My studio is inside the Barber Shop.

J. Hilburn is an amazing company that has managed to make it possible for every gentleman to have clothes that are made from quality fabric, amazing workmanship and are custom made using the gentleman's personal measurement.

J. Hilburn is 12 years old and in that time we have measured so many men across the country that during this ''PAUSE'' I have been able to remain open and working virtually.

My company website which has always been great and is now amazing as they have a program called ''Tape'' that can estimate extremely well your measurements based on our huge data base and the answers to a questionnaire that my clients fill out.

Check out my website janicelangan.jhilburn.com to get a preview of what I have to offer and let's set up a virtual appointment to see if J. Hilburn is a good fit for you.

My appointments are complimentary and should you decide to go forward I can guarantee that you will be getting compliments. Email me at janice.langan@jhilburnpartner.com


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  • Knits

  • Casual Pants

  • Formal Wear


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