Larsen's Feed and Pet Supply Center

7400 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

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In 1947 Bob's parents purchased the property on Gravenstein Highway and moved their dairy from Sonoma to Cotati. In 1968 Henry and Marie retired and Bob and Alice purchased the dairy. In 1973 the cows were sold to two local dairymen. The barn was full of hay. January 1, 1974, Bob and Alice started selling the hay. Customers asked for poultry feed, dog food, grains etc. As they requested items, Bob and Alice listened and added to their inventory.

Larsen's today is well respected for their honesty and nutritional advice and is one of the most complete feed and pet supply centers in the county.

Known for quality and a variety of hays, grains, pet foods, tack and supplies, they still listen to their customers.




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