Sleep City - Petaluma

171 North McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954

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Al Koran and Mark Thomas, owners of Sleep City, came together to form a perfect partnership of service, customer satisfaction and business acumen. Al had a long history in the hotel and restaurant management field, while Mark was in the furniture business. The two would see each other from time to time at their children’s ball games and discuss business. Eventually, they realized that Mark’s experience in furniture sales and Al’s honed customer service background would help them build a great business partnership. They decided to enter into business together and started Sleep City Mattress Center.

“I knew that if you do something well, you create loyalty,” said Al. “Providing great customer service-- that’s the bottom line.” Sleep City soon earned Diamond Certification, awarded only to those companies rated highest in customer service and satisfaction. “When we see the reviews from customers that were interviewed for Diamond Certified, we notice they don’t talk about the price,” said Al. “It’s always about the service, the salesperson, the delivery. We try to be better all around.”

Sleep City’s sales staff is second to none in the business. In an industry where it’s common for salespeople and managers to come and go quickly, Al and Mark are proud to experience virtually zero turnovers among their employees. “We pay them well, we treat them well and they don’t leave,” said Al. “Because of the high level of training we provide, and the experience and professionalism each of our managers offers, we can allow them to make judgment calls for individual customers. That creates long-term consistency for our clientele.”

With the best customer service, attention to detail and friendly, helpful long-term employees (along with nine different brands of beds to choose from), Sleep City is the number-one choice of consumers. Now with six stores located in Napa, Sonoma and Marin Counties, there is always a Sleep City Mattress Center location within easy, convenient reach of everyone in the North Bay.

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