Refer Local

Refer Local

REFER LOCAL is a referral networking program for GO LOCAL business members that supports our mission through a commitment to local business, cooperation and personal responsibility. Members need more customers, and they need avenues for working together to strengthen the local economy, one local business at a time. REFER LOCAL lunchtime gatherings provide a monthly structured referral networking opportunity for giving and receiving quality referrals.

Own a local business and interested in GO LOCAL?
MERCHANTS: Refer Local Overview and Upcoming Meetings

Refer Local is a monthly networking and referral meeting for GO LOCAL members, supporting our mission of economic development marketing through relationship building and local patronage. Get to know your fellow GO LOCAL business members and gain new customers!

MERCHANTS: Be a Featured Business at Refer Local

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VIDEO: What it Means to be a GO LOCAL Business Member

These are the members that really understand the power of the shared brand and have used it successfully to drive growth in their respective businesses.

Tools for Referring GO LOCAL Membership

Here's a story that you can include in conversations, e-mails or letters. Read it over and be familiar with these four main benefits of membership:

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