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What is GO LOCAL?

GO LOCAL Celebrates 7 Years of Making Local Matter
...and Making Local Money Grow
Date 11/19/2014
Independents Month 2014 Graphic
This GO LOCAL graphic can be found as a special insert in the North Bay Bohemian for the week of July 2-9, 2014.
Date 07/02/2014
INFOGRAPHIC: Culture of Entrepreneurism
The stronger our culture of entrepreneurism in Sonoma County, the stronger our economy will be.  Connect the dots.
Date 07/24/2013
Ten Reasons to GO LOCAL
Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.
Author Stacy Mitchell Date 07/18/2013
Public Journalism Ambition
The articles, videos, podcasts, and photography on the GO LOCAL web site reflect our intent to provide meaningful information to create context and continuity for local economic issues.
Author Terry Garrett Date 07/16/2013 1 comment
Cooperative Money: The Key to Sustainable Prosperity
GO LOCAL Board Member Philip Beard shares his thoughts about local currency.
Author Philip Beard Date 06/23/2013
Locally Owned Businesses Help Communities Thrive...
...and Survive Climate Change.
Author Stacy Mitchell Date 05/05/2013
The Cooperative Way to a Stronger Economy
Co-ops—just like people—can get more done together than anyone can do alone. They come in many forms, and are more common than you might imagine.
Date 03/01/2013
VIDEO: GO LOCAL Shared Brand
As a GO LOCAL business member, you're a part of a cooperative.  That means you are a co-owner and "share" the GO LOCAL brand along with all the other owners.
Author Terry Garrett Date 02/05/2013 1 comment

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