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What is GO LOCAL?

VIDEO: GO LOCAL Shared Brand
As a GO LOCAL business member, you're a part of a cooperative.  That means you are a co-owner and "share" the GO LOCAL brand along with all the other owners.
Author Terry Garrett Date 02/05/2013 1 comment
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Thinking Outside the Big Box
Danielle O'Leary is the Economic Development Manager for the City of Santa Rosa.  She has been working with GO LOCAL over the past year or so to find creative ways to implement import replacement theory.
Author Terry Garrett Date 01/01/2013
The Buy Local First Dividend: A Chain Reaction
Study after study has indicated the economic benefits to a local community when residents choose local businesses for purchases.  It's called the economic multiplier effect.  By choosing local first, the economic multiplier kicks in and we return $25 more of every $100 spent to recirculate in our local economy.
Author Terry Garrett Date 01/01/2013 3 comments
How to GO LOCAL First in Sonoma County
GO LOCAL First asks you to think about the many advantages of choosing local first.  Locally owned businesses provide more jobs, support more local non-profits and provide our local flavor, character and personality.
Date 12/01/2012 1 comment
GO LOCAL infographic that highlights milestones of achievement in 2012.
Date 11/29/2012
Understanding Cooperatives
Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.
Date 12/02/2011
How to Submit Articles to GO LOCAL
Click here to learn more about our media content before you submit an article to be publsihed.
Date 09/22/2011
Sebastopol First
Sebastopol is home to many wonderful locally owned, independent businesses.  Do you know which ones are locally owned?  We bet you know quite a few.
Author Terry Garrett Date 10/16/2010 1 comment
Santa Rosa First
Santa Rosa is home to many wonderful locally owned, independent businesses.  Do you know which ones are locally owned?  We bet you know quite a few.
Author Terry Garrett Date 10/15/2010
Making the Shift Happen to Local
What is the Shift? Shift represents moving purchases of goods and services from out-of-county-owned-businesses (OCOB) to locally-owned businesses (LOB).  This includes purchases made by individual residents, visitors, businesses and local governments.
Author Terry Garrett Date 04/19/2010

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