Automotive Excellence

35 Executive Ave #3, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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An Auto Repair Shop That Cares

Automotive Excellence is a local, family-owned auto repair shop, servicing and repairing vehicles in the very city we grew up in—Rohnert Park. We strive to help drivers get maximum mileage from their vehicles, as well as providing the security and confidence of a safe and reliable car. To do this, our automotive philosophy is to perform smart regular vehicle maintenance, so there will be fewer surprises and fewer breakdowns. Above all, our goal is to provide the best possible service with the highest level of quality at a fair price. Our reward is seeing our customers happy!

Our auto repair shop is all about you. Every member of our team is focused on serving our customers’ needs and ensuring each customer is treated fairly and with integrity.

Automotive Excellence is owned and operated by Dave and Terri Erickson, a local Rohnert Park family, who bought the shop so they could meaningfully help people with their cars. Our auto repair shop is different from many others in that we care and focus on the customer and their needs. We don’t “fix” what isn’t broken, and we prioritize auto repairs to make car care a little bit easier on the wallet. At our shop, you’ll never feel taken advantage of, we promise.

“We love helping people on a grand scale by providing honest auto repair, and as a small business, we know that our success depends on how well we do our job and make our customers happy.” - The Ericksons


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Sanitizing & Disinfecting Step 1

Added: 4/10/20

Ozone machine cleans the ENTIRE inside of vehicles from the headliner to the ducting and even heater box. Which is why we advise replacement of the cabin filter once the process is complete, it catches all of the stuff that is flushed out. The ozone machine disinfects much like chlorine and hypochlorite and will oxidize almost anything including viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds making it an enormously powerful disinfectant and oxidizer. The ozone disinfection does NOT produce any harmful residues and all residual ozone will be converted back to oxygen within a short time. Ozone is considered an environmentally friendly disinfectant.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Step 2

Added: 4/10/20

All vehicle touch points cleaned with safe disinfectant solution.


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