Earth Mamma Massage

1100 Coddingtown Center #2D, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Massage Therapy - Santa Rosa Looking for the right massage therapist in Sonoma County that suits your needs is just the same as looking for your favorite winery or restaurant. There are plenty of 'em and nobody can tell you what or who the best is. You have to feel it out for yourself!

My goal isn't to provide you a cookie cutter service. I'm passionate about body therapy and I've developed my own nuanced technique with over 10 years of experience. I take deep pride in my work and I believe that with the right amount of nurture included in our nature, we can all age happily and gracefully. My clients might tell you that I'm warm, strong, intuitive and passionate - and they just might be right! But don't take their word for it, book an appointment today!

Why find a message therapist near me? Massage shouldn't be seen as a luxury but rather a necessity. Initially, people seek my services because they have a specific pain or injury. With my knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, I am able to intuitively locate where the pain they feel originates from. This combination of healing provides my clients with insight as to how their own body works and they are able to go home with that understanding, enabling them heal.