Kelsey Joy Photography

1, Santa Rosa, CA

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Hi, I'm Kelsey!

I come to photography with many years of experience in farm-to-table restaurants, hyper local food businesses, and working directly with food hubs, upholding the small scale farmers that make up our food system. I've been taking photos for over 10 years and my work behind the camera is profoundly informed by these experiences.

Photography is my true passion and enables me to weave everything I care about together – my love of people watching, for seeing the sweetness in everyone, for lifting them up and showing them in their power, for championing small businesses, for cultivating and tending community, and so much more. When I'm taking pictures, everything in my world fits together. I'm so thrilled to be a small business owner, helping my community make their visions come to life.

Let's talk - I can't wait to collaborate!


MINI-COMMERCIAL PHOTOSHOOT - $325 - 30 minutes of professional photography and the opportunity to self-select or have the photographer select 5 photos to be edited and shared in high- and low-resolution formats.

Contact for more info or to reserve.

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