Lavish Audio-Video-Control

1044 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Everyone loves music. Most of us listened to what our parents listened to, then branched out when we got a portable device, like a transistor radio in times past, and today, a digital player of some sort. But this is only the first step in discovering the magic and power of music. The best analogy is to the food we eat. Low quality sound is like processed food; tasty or not, only minimal nutrition is available. Listening to music on a great stereo is exactly like changing your diet to fresh, organic food. Our products range from entry level to the most advanced, best sounding anywhere.

At Lavish we celebrate your love of music in whatever form you access it. We craft systems which let music fill your heart and feed your mind. In the process, you will discover new music everywhere and be able to share that journey with the people you care about.

From tubes to solid-state, from records to high resolution computer audio, sometimes with video, sometimes without, we are here to help find that which moves you.




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