Northern California Public Media - KRCB 104.9, KRCB (PBS), KPJK (Independent Public Broadcasting)

5850 Labath Ave., Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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In order to encourage full participation in society and community, Northern California (NorCal) Public Media provides educational, informational and cultural television, radio and streaming media in partnership with our community. We operate three non-profit media stations:

  • KRCB TV (PBS member station)
  • KPJK TV (independent public television)
  • KRCB FM Radio 104.9 (NPR member station)

NorCal Public Media is a highly visible local arts, cultural, educational, news, and community information media hub, offering a unique service to the Bay Area in order to encourage full participation in community and society.

NorCal Public Media expands options in providing and responding to new technologies through enhancement of technological functions and equipment.

NorCal Public Media believes that civil society thrives through community alliances and collaborations.






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Public Radio Underwriting Packages

NorCal is the home of KRCB 104.9 on the FM Dial.

Key Features:

  • Sonoma County’s NPR station. A nonprofit public media station based in Rohnert Park and serving the community for 40 years.

  • Covers the news and events most important to local residents. Providing trusted, independent and essential news.

  • Carries NPR’s most popular programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and others such as New York Times’ The Daily, Climate One, and the TED Radio Hour. Also have local shows and very popular music shows.

Two-week long underwriting package of 15-second spots on 104.9 KRCB - contact the GO LOCAL team for details.

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Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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